ADHD diagnosis process

Diagnosis and Assessment of ADHD

When assessing you for a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), your Remedy team collects information to evaluate if your symptoms meet criteria for this diagnosis- even if you have been previously diagnosed and prescribed medication. You can expedite the process by having the below starred * information sent to the email address: before your appointment. If not before, you will complete this information and return it to your Remedy Provider between your first and second visit.

Additional information required for ADHD diagnosis

A diagnosis of ADHD entails some symptoms which present before the age of 12, so we collect some additional information about your childhood history, in addition to information about your heart to insure that ADHD medications will be safe for you. This information collected includes:

    1. Your symptoms as told by you (during your first Remedy appointment), in addition to:
      • A blood pressure value for you in the last six months (from your primary care doctor, at home, or at a local pharmacy)
      • An EKG if you are over the age of 40 (can be from your primary care physician)
      • If you have current or past high blood pressure, or a heart condition: Medical clearance from your primary care doctor or cardiologist, faxed to Remedy at Fax Number:313-788-8469
    2. The Remedy medical team’s evaluation of you (during your first Remedy appointment)
    3. Collateral information from someone who knows you now, and as a child before the age of 12. This information may be collected in one of three ways that you can discuss with your provider:
      • If you already have it completed, you may submit a copy of prior formal neuropsychiatric testing, as completed by a psychologist (send to email address:
      • You sign a release of information (which you can obtain through this link here), and your Remedy team contacts your collateral informant (someone who knows you well, preferably during childhood and adulthood) by phone to ask a few questions about your history of ADHD symptoms.
      •  You and someone you know completes a set of research-based questionnaires, called the BAARS, about your ADHD symptoms (you can download the BAARS evaluation here).
      • You provide a copy/photo of your US government-issued ID (such as your California license).  (send to email address: